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Christy has always had the gift since as far back as she can remember. But it wasn't until many years later that she began to develop it and discover what she could actually do with it. That journey will continue for the rest of her life!

Christy was personally chosen to study Advanced Mediumship and Platform Mediumship with Lisa Williams and was Accredited by the Lisa Williams International School of Spiritual Development as a Certified Medium. She has also been mentored over a period of years by the amazing Mavis Pittilla from the UK. Christy has studied Mediumship extensively with highly acclaimed UK Medium Tony Stockwell both here in Australia and in the UK, and has studied Advanced Psychometry with renowned Australian Psychic Debbie Malone. She also has a Certificate in Parapsychology from Chiara College. Christy is a full member of the SNU, a member of the SNUi, and a Professional member of the International Psychics Association.  Christy has studied at the Prestigious Arthur Findlay College in the UK and completed courses through the SNU [Spiritualist National Union](UK) which she is currently undertaking her assessment for the Platform Accreditation Scheme. 

Lisa Williams Certified Spiritual Advisor logo. Christy Joy Psychic Medium is a Certified Advisor trained by Lisa Williams.Christy also has a highly successful academic background in education and taught for over 10 years in schools taking on executive roles and duties. She has previously been a university lecturer and tutor of the Bachelor of Education and the Masters of Teaching degrees. Christy was also a very successful researcher for university Professors as well as her own research, and has had a book published along with many academic articles and papers in journals. She has also been a reviewer of papers for submission to academic journals and won several Dean awards and prized scholarships during her years at university. During her academic career, Christy presented many papers on her research at conferences and spoke as an invited guest and expert in the field on many occasions at a variety of functions.  She is now combining her excellent teaching skills with her love of Mediumship to bring courses and Development Circles to the Central Coast.

Christy loves communicating with Spirit and helping you to stay connected with your loved ones in the Spirit world. She connects directly with Spirit and uses all of the Psychic senses to convey messages from those on the other side of the veil to you. If you are interested in joining a class or development circle please send an email request and she will let you know when a space becomes available.

Please remember that to get the most out of a reading, please read the FAQ's section before you book.

Christy is unique in that she is a natural Psychic and Medium and does not need to work with any tools, such as Tarot or Oracle cards, she does not need to touch you or your belongings, does not do numerology or astrology, palm reading or anything else! Christy is able to read your energy and connect with your loved ones in Spirit naturally. However, she is able to do psychometry if you would prefer her to read that way.

IICT logo. Christy Joy is a Certified member of the Natural Therapies as a Medium to give messages from Spirit.
Christy will hold a piece of jewellery, preferably a ring that is worn by you daily. She will use this to tap into your life path and gather information about your past, present and future. She can also read historical jewellery and tell you the history of the item.

Is where Christy communicates with those in Spirit to deliver messages to you and evidence to prove that they are still with us and still a part of your everyday life watching over you.

In a Mediumship reading, Christy will translate messages from the Spirit world to this world so that you can communicate with your loved ones and know that they arrived safely on the other side. During a Mediumship reading she will connect with your loved ones in spirit and pass on their messages to you. Christy will ensure that she has plenty of 'evidence' such as special moments, appearance and events, to pass on to you so that you know exactly who she has brought through. Remember, Spirit decide what information comes through! You are also able to ask questions you would like answered. 

A psychic reading is where Christy will tap into your energy and tell you what lies ahead in your future and give guidance to help you make great life choices.
In a Psychic reading Christy will tap into your life path and see where you are, at the present moment. She will give you information to help you make decisions and choices in your life for a better future and help you unblock anything stopping you from moving forward. Usually the most pressing matters will be emphasised and arise naturally in the reading. You may also ask questions that you would like answers to if you have a particular area of your life you would like her to focus on.

House Clearing
If you have a lot of negative energy in your house, office, workplace etc, or strange unexplained things happen all the time; like things go missing, items are moved from where you left them, you often hear strange noises in your house, or see spirits there, Christy can assess them for you. She can tell you who they are and whether they are friendly or need to be removed. We can then assess whether you would like these energies cleared or not. 

Central Coast, NSW [Address and directions given upon booking and payment]

TBA for possible late 2017

Other times/days available by arrangement.

* House clearings & Skype readings will be conducted on a day and time suitable to each party.

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