Christy Joy Psychic Medium Central Coast NSW

Psychic Development Course 

                               1 and 2 day courses coming soon! Information coming soon!

Mediumship Development Course

                                      1 and 2 day courses coming soon! Information coming soon!

Demonstrating and Stage Presentation Courses


Please email me to book your place in any class:  info@christyjoypsychicmedium.com

Please note that classes will be limited to between 10 & 12 people for more personalised teaching. It is expected that all participants will be encouraging and supportive of each other and a safe and happy work environment provided. 

More courses and specialist courses coming soon! 

Teaching Background
Christy has a highly successful academic background in education and taught for 12 years in schools taking on executive roles and higher duties. She has previously been a university lecturer and tutor of the Bachelor of Education and the Masters of Teaching degrees. Christy was also a very successful researcher for university Professors and her own research and has had a book published along with many academic articles and papers in journals. She has also been a reviewer of papers for submission to academic journals and won several Dean awards and prized scholarships during her years at university. During her academic career, Christy presented many papers on her research at conferences and spoke as an invited guest and expert in the field on many occasion at a variety of functions.  She is now combining her excellent teaching skills with her love of Mediumship to bring courses and Development Circles to the Central Coast and is very excited to be sharing her passion with you!

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