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You are amazing! Thank you so much, you have helped me to move forward with my life with confidence.
Alicia, Singapore.

You have helped me so much, thank you. Spot on!
Jennifer, NSW

Your reading was spot on, so accurate! You truly are an angel on earth.
Kerrie. S, NSW

Everything was spot on! You have made me feel so much better :)
Kerry, NSW

Hi Christy, just wanted to thank you so much for the readings you gave me last night, I am very comforted to have been able to hear from my family. So I will now embrace my future & make the very best of it that I can knowing their love is around me. Hope to see you again some time in the future.

Jenny, NSW 

Thank you so much for our readings tonight, I've come home and told my nan (my mums, mum) all about it and she would like to book a reading with you as well.

Jessee, NSW

Thank you for my reading. I found it so positive and so accurate in past and present issues. I will be back!!

Kim, NSW
My reading was very spot on with everything! Thank you.

Bianca, NSW

A wonderful experience. Thank you very much. All my questions were answered without having to ask!

Carol, NSW

Very Interesting and a great cleansing experience. Thank you Christy!

Alex, NSW

I really enjoyed my reading. I felt happy and wonderful. Thank you and I hope to see you again.

Bree, NSW

Thank you xo so much! I feel lighter, satisfied and ready to embark on my new chapter!!

Belinda, NSW

I would like to thank you for the reading you did for me on the weekend.  Your accuracy astounded me. You have given me clarity in my life that previously was full of confusion. I feel like a weight has lifted from me and feel confident in my future decisions, and that I can have hope in my life. You have a truly amazing gift ! 

Cathy, Sydney, Australia

I met Christy in November 2012 and being in the spiritual field myself I have to say I received from Christy one of the best mediumship readings I've ever had. She picked up on both of my great aunts who were instrumental in raising me and continue to watch over me from heaven. Christy was able to pick up on their age and physical characteristics as well as their personalities including their likes and dislikes. Most importantly I received a beautiful healing message and guidance that they wanted to offer  on things happening in my current life. Please give yourself the gift of purchasing a mediumship reading with Christy you won't regret it!

Melissa H, Florida, USA

I had the pleasure to meet Christy while on retreat, and found her to be warm, friendly and compassionate. The reading she gave me was very accurate and contained evidence that only I could verify. Her easy manner made it a pleasure to work with her, and I would recommend her services to those seeking guidance and contact from those on the Other Side.

Natalie, NSW, Australia

Thank you for a teriffic night, had a very interesting night with lots of wonderful messages. Thanks 

Jodie, NSW xxx

Thank you for passing on the messages from loved ones passed & giving us the peace of mind we needed. We had a lovely night. 

Donna & Kay, NSW

Wonderful & intriguing evening, was so comforted to hear from my Nana. Will be listening for that song!!! 

Regan, NSW

I found whom I did not expect tonight at the mediumship evening. Though some was for others that needed it, the love & personality of Peter came through loud & clear! For everyone!!! Thank you 

Lilea, NSW x
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