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Dealing with a run of horrible bad luck or are you cursed?

Well I hope the title caught your attention! But seriously have you ever had the feeling that you are stuck in a rut of really bad luck, or bad fortune? Felt as if someone was sending negative energy toward everything you do to bring it all crashing down around you?  Maybe you felt as though someone had cursed you or you had upset the universe with something you said or did? Yes I hear you say! Me too!! Well hopefully I can assist you in freeing yourself from this horrible experience. Recently I had so much bad luck I could not believe it was even possible! So I resorted to some good old fashioned nature rituals and intention setting, within the week everything had turned around and all was great again! What did I do you ask? Well it is very simple and I will share with you here. Anyone can do it, and don't worry you are not doing anything bad or scary! Firstly, when you set intentions you must believe without a doubt in what you are saying/intending. If you don't have the element of belief in it it won't work! When we think positively and set happy intentions every day we attract positive things to our lives. Sometimes when things go wrong we can turn  it around very quickly by not getting upset or anger, but looking at the situation and how we can benefit from it, and often this is enough to turn our whole day around. Often if we get upset or angry with a situation, our day just gets worse and worse! So, positive intentions, and believing in what we want are essential. Now we have our correct mindset, we will need a candle and bowl, tray, etc that will allow something to safely burn in it. Paper and a pen. When you have these, you need to write each item on a separate piece of paper (you can tear it into usable pieces). You need to write the thing you want changed, worded very carefully, for example if you were having problems with money, you would write lack of money on the paper. This way the lack of money will change. Remember to be specific and not write in a way to cause harm to others or it will back fire! If you were having health problems, you could write, illness, on the paper etc. So once you have your pieces of paper, then one at a time you take a piece, light the edge with the candle, and state your intention. Then place the paper in the burning tray quickly so as not to cause a fire or burn yourself. Repeat for each item, one at a time. When it is complete, make sure all pieces are burnt, then bury the ash. Your luck should turn around really quickly! If you believe someone is sending negative energy or cursing you, write on a piece of paper, negative energy, or curse, even their name if you want them to leave you alone, and burn away!!

I wish you all good luck :)

What type of Reading should I get?

Over the years, I have found that most people don't know what type of reading the want, they just know they want a reading! So I thought I would talk about the difference between the two types I give; Psychic & Mediumship. Now, most readers will only allow you to have one or the other in one sitting. This is because each of the readings requires a different form and level of energy. I am happy to do half of each in my sittings upon request and if we have enough time. A Psychic reading is the type of reading you have if you want to know about everyday things in your life and what is coming up for you in the near future. However, we all have free will, so every decision we make can alter the future path seen in a reading. Often it is possible to see where the paths diverge at the decision making point, and see the two alternative choices advising which one would see you the happiest. These types of readings help ease your mind about current situations in your life and help you to make informed decisions. A Psychic should NEVER  tell you what to do, just tell you what your options are. 

During the Psychic reading, the reader should be reading the energy around you in your aura. The more relaxed you are, the better the reading! You can ask the reader to focus on one topic or a set of topics that you are most interested in, or you can be open to hear anything that comes through. Most of the time the most prominent issues in your life will be those that come up in the reading. I like to allow time towards the end in case I my clients have any questions that I haven't covered during the reading. It is very important to be honest during a reading, we know if you are lying! and it only makes the reading more difficult and less beneficial for you. Remember, no one else can hear the information except you and the reader. 

If you have loved ones in the Spirit world that you knew well, you can have a Mediumship reading in which the Medium will connect with your loved ones and pass on 'evidence' to you about them so that you can once more spend some time with them and reconnect. Now, evidence is very important, it can include, but not always include names, addresses, places, shared memories, pets, likes/dislikes, items of significance, songs, personality, appearance, jobs, favourite things, passing condition etc Remember that the Medium is not in charge of the information coming through, the Spirit is! They do not come forward and say my name is John and I lived at 32 Robson Way and the secret code word is apples etc etc. They are more interested in sharing their love with you, and the Medium tries to ask the Spirit to provide specific evidence, so that you know who is communicating with you. Those clients who come into a reading calm and with an open mind ALWAYS get the best readings! Clients who come in demanding a name, huffing and puffing, and not interested in listening to any other evidence are sadly missing out and often the Spirit people give up and leave. It takes a great deal of energy from both the Medium and the Spirit people to communicate and it is amazing to be able to connect across worlds so reverence and respect is essential. 

Importantly, not all Psychics are Mediums, but all Mediums are Psychic. There are a lot of Psychics around saying that they are Mediums and passing off Psychic information to clients under the guise of speaking to Spirit. Real Mediums will provide evidence of your loved ones and most readings will involve more than one Spirit communicator coming through during the reading. We can't guarantee that the person you want to talk to will be the one to come through, but I always do my best to find them. We may have to work through the family to find them, but we usually do! 

So now you know a little more about each type of reading. See you next time :)

Following your true path and allowing others to do the same.

I was inspired to write this post about following your true path, as this seemed to be a theme lately in the readings I have been doing. I have noticed that I have been reading for a lot of young people, which is great! During the readings I am shown that the client is torn between several choices of career. Luckily for me, I am able to look along each of the life paths to see what could happen if they make each choice. As I do this, I notice that they have often already studied and are working in a field they were interested in and are now trying to move forward and find more happiness in their work lives. This often involves a true passion and a couple of fall back choices. Now you would think that the choice would be easy right? Wrong! I find that either parental influence or fear of less income and security are holding these people back from making the obvious choice of following THEIR passion and finding happiness because of external influences and the need to often please their parents. It is very difficult feeling the torment that these young people are going through, knowing what they want and being pushed to follow a path that ultimately makes them miserable! Often the clients are in tears and plenty of nail bitting is taking place as I tell them that happiness lies with their true passion and not their fall back choice (which is the parents wishes for them). Many have then said, yes that is what I really want to do, but now I have to convince my mum. What I will say is that I would rather they follow the path that ultimately makes them happy, instead of wasting years in study and more years pursuing a career that I can see them being miserable in and changing anyway after much stress and anguish over many years. I think it is really important that we all realise the influential power we wield when we give advice or our opinions to another who is seeking approval for their choices and decisions that lie before them. Accumulation of material possessions is not what is important in life, happiness and living a stress free life fulfilling our own individual destinies are what is important. We each have a purpose, and individual skill sets that make us unique and highly talented in our own specific way suited to pursue our passions. Don't we all deserve to be truly happy and living our lives doing exactly what we want?

Spirit Communication - Who's gets to speak?

I thought I would write a blog about why, when we see a Medium on stage or for a one to one, we don't always get who we really want! Sometimes it is a relative we never even met, and wonder why they have come through. For many years this has been asked and various answers have been given such as the strongest spirit is the one who gets through and they barge the others out of the way. Other theories were that the Spirit had only just crossed over and needed a certain amount of time to adjust and depending on the type of passing would require more or less time. So if it was a traumatic passing, it may take a lot longer to come through because they need extra time to heal and adjust to what has happened. This is true to some degree. I had a young man who passed in a natural disaster come through in a reading and he said that he was still learning the ropes over there and thats why he hadn't come through before (his sister had waited 8 years for him to come through). I have also heard people say that the Spirit is not around the person or that they were trapped as a lost soul! 

Now, I can only tell you what I know from experience, and you are free to believe what ever you like, but what I know is that if people are spiritual in life and have an understanding of the afterlife and how things work, then they are able to adjust a lot quicker than those who do not believe that life continues. I also know that the Spirits  are all with you, they know when you are going to be near a Medium and they know it is their chance to say hi and get a message to you to let you know they arrived safely, are healthy now and still participate in your life. This is the interesting part! It is the Medium who has to tune in, like tuning in a radio to the right station, some times it is clear, other times there is a little static, sometimes all static. The Medium must tune into each Spirit that you have with you, and sometimes they just can't find the right station! It doesn't mean they are not with you, it means that the Medium can't pick up on them. It takes a lot of work and energy on the Mediums end to tune into each Spirit, but just know that they are all with you, and do want to come through. If you have any questions please feel free to ask or if you would like to share your experiences, please do, I would love to chat about it! xx

Negativity in our lives

Do you have friends in your life that are always negative? Do you have people at work that when you are around them or interacting with them, drain your energy? Do you have family members that always have something negative to say? 

I am sure you can all relate to one of these! 

A friendship that does not give and take equally will drain your energy and you do not benefit from the friendship. Friends who call at all hours of the night and complain until the sun comes up and you have to get ready for work are exhausting! It is ok if you are also able to do the same to them when you need to, but if it only works one way, then you need to fix this problem. These friends only take from you, they take your time and energy and leave negative energy with you. This negative energy brings you down and may even leave you a little grumpy! (especially with the lack of sleep!) 

Maybe you have a friend that always wants you to help them with everything. My personal favourite is, can you help me move? Oh how many times I have packed and unpacked boxes, carted goods, cleaned houses with friends only to find when I need help moving, I am on my own! Sound familiar? Oh by the way if you own a ute, you know this all to well!!! 

Some friends just put down every idea or thought you have. Some always say negative things about your life, your partner, your job, your choices. These friends make us rethink ourselves, question our choices and stop us from taking risks that our intuition tell us we need to make. 

SET BOUNDARIES. Tell them that you are not taking calls after 8pm, or whatever time you have set aside for yourself. If they refuse to assist you in return, remind them of what you have done for them and that you made the time to help them. If they still won't assist you, then you need to stop assisting them every time they ask. Start saying no. You will soon see that they will either realise they are not holding up their end of the friendship and help out, or they will cut you off and find someone else to do things for them. The friends who are always negative toward you, well you need to either except that that is how they are and not let their thoughts effect you, or cut the ties and move on to more positive friendships, ones where they support and nurture your personal growth. 

Working with negative people is different. You can't always just cut the ties and move on. Some people you will still have to interact with and it can feel like hard work and drain your energy just being in the same room. You can limit your interactions with these people or stay further from them. This may help. I have found that being more positive to bring up the vibrations in the room will help to disperse some of the negativity coming your way. You may also need to stop them from draining you by visualising a protective layer around you which repels their energy back to them. Before I go to work, I visualise a bubble around me that repels negative energy and converts it to positive energy as it sends it back. I also don't allow myself to be dragged into arguments or their energy. I do this by not paying much attention to them, I still listen and reply etc but don't think about them, or what they are up to now. This really helps, if you can stay focused on you and not them. 

Family is family! Negative family members are difficult. You must come to the understanding that things in their life have created this negative build up. You can work hard over a long period of time to make them a more positive person by telling them when they are being negative, sometimes they don't even realise. You can always express the positive side of every situation to get them thinking in that way, subtly of course! The main thing to remember is that, this is who they are, it is not a reflection upon you, they are not necessarily feeling negativity towards you, even though it may seem that way. Accept them for who they are and don't let their negativity affect who you are! Stay positive and it may rub off!

Let me know how you deal with negativity. 

Thanks for the inspiration Mel xx

Signs from loved ones in spirit

Welcome everyone to my very first blog! I thought I would tell you about signs from loved ones in spirit as this is a question I am often asked. People and pets in the spirit world use a lot of energy trying to get our attention to let us know they are still there and that they made the transition and are happy and pain free over there. People often come up with excuses to explain the signs, but if you pay attention and even write these down, you will start to see that they are often presented to you, you just need to notice! 

I will explain with examples from my life. My grandma makes sure that her initials are on number plates all the time, which I just notice and am not seeking out on every car that comes in front of me or passes by. I just happen to look at that moment and I acknowledge the signs and say hi. In the early days of her passing I was driving down the freeway and asked her, if it really is you giving me these signs, show me a sign now. Just as I said this, a car pulled out from in front of me and in the back window of the car now in its place was a large piece of cardboard with huge letters that said, THIS IS A SIGN! My grandmas sense of humour was still in full swing!

On several occasions I have asked her again for a sign and this same car has pulled in front of me with her full name on the number plate, first and last name! So I really have no doubts at all about signs! Just before Christmas I was trying to leave the parking lot of the shopping centre, and had to stop to allow another car to pull out. It took them a while, which got my attention. The number plate had her first initial and last name with a x, a kiss! Many things like this happen and people often don't notice. My grandma is persistent and I love it! 

I have also had feathers fall from the air inside the house, which is great! Outside, I have had them land on my windscreen, or stick to the side of the car! They turn up everywhere. We have basically colour coded them now! White for grandma, black for our dog, and black and white for our cat. The spirit activity around signs is stronger when it is close to a special occasion of theirs or your family's. 

Some people get coins, they find lots of them everywhere or one with an important date on it. My grandfather likes to play with the electricity. He flashes the lights, or makes the power go on and off. Often spirit will put the name everywhere for you to notice such as billboards, magazines, radio, books, tv, whatever you encounter. Your loved ones can also be represented by a symbol or image. My grandma is also represented by dolphins, because she loved the beach and sea, and we put a dolphin on her grave. So when one crops up, we know it is her. For example, on Christmas day, after lunch, we were talking about her and we popped a cracker and out came a dolphin keyring. So think about what would represent your loved ones, and keep a look out.

Everyone is different and if you ask your loved one for a sign, pay attention, you will soon discover which signs represent each loved one for you! 

I hope this has helped answer your questions about signs.

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