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Following your true path and allowing others to do the same.

I was inspired to write this post about following your true path, as this seemed to be a theme lately in the readings I have been doing. I have noticed that I have been reading for a lot of young people, which is great! During the readings I am shown that the client is torn between several choices of career. Luckily for me, I am able to look along each of the life paths to see what could happen if they make each choice. As I do this, I notice that they have often already studied and are working in a field they were interested in and are now trying to move forward and find more happiness in their work lives. This often involves a true passion and a couple of fall back choices. Now you would think that the choice would be easy right? Wrong! I find that either parental influence or fear of less income and security are holding these people back from making the obvious choice of following THEIR passion and finding happiness because of external influences and the need to often please their parents. It is very difficult feeling the torment that these young people are going through, knowing what they want and being pushed to follow a path that ultimately makes them miserable! Often the clients are in tears and plenty of nail bitting is taking place as I tell them that happiness lies with their true passion and not their fall back choice (which is the parents wishes for them). Many have then said, yes that is what I really want to do, but now I have to convince my mum. What I will say is that I would rather they follow the path that ultimately makes them happy, instead of wasting years in study and more years pursuing a career that I can see them being miserable in and changing anyway after much stress and anguish over many years. I think it is really important that we all realise the influential power we wield when we give advice or our opinions to another who is seeking approval for their choices and decisions that lie before them. Accumulation of material possessions is not what is important in life, happiness and living a stress free life fulfilling our own individual destinies are what is important. We each have a purpose, and individual skill sets that make us unique and highly talented in our own specific way suited to pursue our passions. Don't we all deserve to be truly happy and living our lives doing exactly what we want?

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