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What type of Reading should I get?

Over the years, I have found that most people don't know what type of reading the want, they just know they want a reading! So I thought I would talk about the difference between the two types I give; Psychic & Mediumship. Now, most readers will only allow you to have one or the other in one sitting. This is because each of the readings requires a different form and level of energy. I am happy to do half of each in my sittings upon request and if we have enough time. A Psychic reading is the type of reading you have if you want to know about everyday things in your life and what is coming up for you in the near future. However, we all have free will, so every decision we make can alter the future path seen in a reading. Often it is possible to see where the paths diverge at the decision making point, and see the two alternative choices advising which one would see you the happiest. These types of readings help ease your mind about current situations in your life and help you to make informed decisions. A Psychic should NEVER  tell you what to do, just tell you what your options are. 

During the Psychic reading, the reader should be reading the energy around you in your aura. The more relaxed you are, the better the reading! You can ask the reader to focus on one topic or a set of topics that you are most interested in, or you can be open to hear anything that comes through. Most of the time the most prominent issues in your life will be those that come up in the reading. I like to allow time towards the end in case I my clients have any questions that I haven't covered during the reading. It is very important to be honest during a reading, we know if you are lying! and it only makes the reading more difficult and less beneficial for you. Remember, no one else can hear the information except you and the reader. 

If you have loved ones in the Spirit world that you knew well, you can have a Mediumship reading in which the Medium will connect with your loved ones and pass on 'evidence' to you about them so that you can once more spend some time with them and reconnect. Now, evidence is very important, it can include, but not always include names, addresses, places, shared memories, pets, likes/dislikes, items of significance, songs, personality, appearance, jobs, favourite things, passing condition etc Remember that the Medium is not in charge of the information coming through, the Spirit is! They do not come forward and say my name is John and I lived at 32 Robson Way and the secret code word is apples etc etc. They are more interested in sharing their love with you, and the Medium tries to ask the Spirit to provide specific evidence, so that you know who is communicating with you. Those clients who come into a reading calm and with an open mind ALWAYS get the best readings! Clients who come in demanding a name, huffing and puffing, and not interested in listening to any other evidence are sadly missing out and often the Spirit people give up and leave. It takes a great deal of energy from both the Medium and the Spirit people to communicate and it is amazing to be able to connect across worlds so reverence and respect is essential. 

Importantly, not all Psychics are Mediums, but all Mediums are Psychic. There are a lot of Psychics around saying that they are Mediums and passing off Psychic information to clients under the guise of speaking to Spirit. Real Mediums will provide evidence of your loved ones and most readings will involve more than one Spirit communicator coming through during the reading. We can't guarantee that the person you want to talk to will be the one to come through, but I always do my best to find them. We may have to work through the family to find them, but we usually do! 

So now you know a little more about each type of reading. See you next time :)

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