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Dealing with a run of horrible bad luck or are you cursed?

Well I hope the title caught your attention! But seriously have you ever had the feeling that you are stuck in a rut of really bad luck, or bad fortune? Felt as if someone was sending negative energy toward everything you do to bring it all crashing down around you?  Maybe you felt as though someone had cursed you or you had upset the universe with something you said or did? Yes I hear you say! Me too!! Well hopefully I can assist you in freeing yourself from this horrible experience. Recently I had so much bad luck I could not believe it was even possible! So I resorted to some good old fashioned nature rituals and intention setting, within the week everything had turned around and all was great again! What did I do you ask? Well it is very simple and I will share with you here. Anyone can do it, and don't worry you are not doing anything bad or scary! Firstly, when you set intentions you must believe without a doubt in what you are saying/intending. If you don't have the element of belief in it it won't work! When we think positively and set happy intentions every day we attract positive things to our lives. Sometimes when things go wrong we can turn  it around very quickly by not getting upset or anger, but looking at the situation and how we can benefit from it, and often this is enough to turn our whole day around. Often if we get upset or angry with a situation, our day just gets worse and worse! So, positive intentions, and believing in what we want are essential. Now we have our correct mindset, we will need a candle and bowl, tray, etc that will allow something to safely burn in it. Paper and a pen. When you have these, you need to write each item on a separate piece of paper (you can tear it into usable pieces). You need to write the thing you want changed, worded very carefully, for example if you were having problems with money, you would write lack of money on the paper. This way the lack of money will change. Remember to be specific and not write in a way to cause harm to others or it will back fire! If you were having health problems, you could write, illness, on the paper etc. So once you have your pieces of paper, then one at a time you take a piece, light the edge with the candle, and state your intention. Then place the paper in the burning tray quickly so as not to cause a fire or burn yourself. Repeat for each item, one at a time. When it is complete, make sure all pieces are burnt, then bury the ash. Your luck should turn around really quickly! If you believe someone is sending negative energy or cursing you, write on a piece of paper, negative energy, or curse, even their name if you want them to leave you alone, and burn away!!

I wish you all good luck :)

Negativity in our lives

Do you have friends in your life that are always negative? Do you have people at work that when you are around them or interacting with them, drain your energy? Do you have family members that always have something negative to say? 

I am sure you can all relate to one of these! 

A friendship that does not give and take equally will drain your energy and you do not benefit from the friendship. Friends who call at all hours of the night and complain until the sun comes up and you have to get ready for work are exhausting! It is ok if you are also able to do the same to them when you need to, but if it only works one way, then you need to fix this problem. These friends only take from you, they take your time and energy and leave negative energy with you. This negative energy brings you down and may even leave you a little grumpy! (especially with the lack of sleep!) 

Maybe you have a friend that always wants you to help them with everything. My personal favourite is, can you help me move? Oh how many times I have packed and unpacked boxes, carted goods, cleaned houses with friends only to find when I need help moving, I am on my own! Sound familiar? Oh by the way if you own a ute, you know this all to well!!! 

Some friends just put down every idea or thought you have. Some always say negative things about your life, your partner, your job, your choices. These friends make us rethink ourselves, question our choices and stop us from taking risks that our intuition tell us we need to make. 

SET BOUNDARIES. Tell them that you are not taking calls after 8pm, or whatever time you have set aside for yourself. If they refuse to assist you in return, remind them of what you have done for them and that you made the time to help them. If they still won't assist you, then you need to stop assisting them every time they ask. Start saying no. You will soon see that they will either realise they are not holding up their end of the friendship and help out, or they will cut you off and find someone else to do things for them. The friends who are always negative toward you, well you need to either except that that is how they are and not let their thoughts effect you, or cut the ties and move on to more positive friendships, ones where they support and nurture your personal growth. 

Working with negative people is different. You can't always just cut the ties and move on. Some people you will still have to interact with and it can feel like hard work and drain your energy just being in the same room. You can limit your interactions with these people or stay further from them. This may help. I have found that being more positive to bring up the vibrations in the room will help to disperse some of the negativity coming your way. You may also need to stop them from draining you by visualising a protective layer around you which repels their energy back to them. Before I go to work, I visualise a bubble around me that repels negative energy and converts it to positive energy as it sends it back. I also don't allow myself to be dragged into arguments or their energy. I do this by not paying much attention to them, I still listen and reply etc but don't think about them, or what they are up to now. This really helps, if you can stay focused on you and not them. 

Family is family! Negative family members are difficult. You must come to the understanding that things in their life have created this negative build up. You can work hard over a long period of time to make them a more positive person by telling them when they are being negative, sometimes they don't even realise. You can always express the positive side of every situation to get them thinking in that way, subtly of course! The main thing to remember is that, this is who they are, it is not a reflection upon you, they are not necessarily feeling negativity towards you, even though it may seem that way. Accept them for who they are and don't let their negativity affect who you are! Stay positive and it may rub off!

Let me know how you deal with negativity. 

Thanks for the inspiration Mel xx
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