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Signs from loved ones in spirit

Welcome everyone to my very first blog! I thought I would tell you about signs from loved ones in spirit as this is a question I am often asked. People and pets in the spirit world use a lot of energy trying to get our attention to let us know they are still there and that they made the transition and are happy and pain free over there. People often come up with excuses to explain the signs, but if you pay attention and even write these down, you will start to see that they are often presented to you, you just need to notice! 

I will explain with examples from my life. My grandma makes sure that her initials are on number plates all the time, which I just notice and am not seeking out on every car that comes in front of me or passes by. I just happen to look at that moment and I acknowledge the signs and say hi. In the early days of her passing I was driving down the freeway and asked her, if it really is you giving me these signs, show me a sign now. Just as I said this, a car pulled out from in front of me and in the back window of the car now in its place was a large piece of cardboard with huge letters that said, THIS IS A SIGN! My grandmas sense of humour was still in full swing!

On several occasions I have asked her again for a sign and this same car has pulled in front of me with her full name on the number plate, first and last name! So I really have no doubts at all about signs! Just before Christmas I was trying to leave the parking lot of the shopping centre, and had to stop to allow another car to pull out. It took them a while, which got my attention. The number plate had her first initial and last name with a x, a kiss! Many things like this happen and people often don't notice. My grandma is persistent and I love it! 

I have also had feathers fall from the air inside the house, which is great! Outside, I have had them land on my windscreen, or stick to the side of the car! They turn up everywhere. We have basically colour coded them now! White for grandma, black for our dog, and black and white for our cat. The spirit activity around signs is stronger when it is close to a special occasion of theirs or your family's. 

Some people get coins, they find lots of them everywhere or one with an important date on it. My grandfather likes to play with the electricity. He flashes the lights, or makes the power go on and off. Often spirit will put the name everywhere for you to notice such as billboards, magazines, radio, books, tv, whatever you encounter. Your loved ones can also be represented by a symbol or image. My grandma is also represented by dolphins, because she loved the beach and sea, and we put a dolphin on her grave. So when one crops up, we know it is her. For example, on Christmas day, after lunch, we were talking about her and we popped a cracker and out came a dolphin keyring. So think about what would represent your loved ones, and keep a look out.

Everyone is different and if you ask your loved one for a sign, pay attention, you will soon discover which signs represent each loved one for you! 

I hope this has helped answer your questions about signs.

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