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Spirit Communication - Who's gets to speak?

I thought I would write a blog about why, when we see a Medium on stage or for a one to one, we don't always get who we really want! Sometimes it is a relative we never even met, and wonder why they have come through. For many years this has been asked and various answers have been given such as the strongest spirit is the one who gets through and they barge the others out of the way. Other theories were that the Spirit had only just crossed over and needed a certain amount of time to adjust and depending on the type of passing would require more or less time. So if it was a traumatic passing, it may take a lot longer to come through because they need extra time to heal and adjust to what has happened. This is true to some degree. I had a young man who passed in a natural disaster come through in a reading and he said that he was still learning the ropes over there and thats why he hadn't come through before (his sister had waited 8 years for him to come through). I have also heard people say that the Spirit is not around the person or that they were trapped as a lost soul! 

Now, I can only tell you what I know from experience, and you are free to believe what ever you like, but what I know is that if people are spiritual in life and have an understanding of the afterlife and how things work, then they are able to adjust a lot quicker than those who do not believe that life continues. I also know that the Spirits  are all with you, they know when you are going to be near a Medium and they know it is their chance to say hi and get a message to you to let you know they arrived safely, are healthy now and still participate in your life. This is the interesting part! It is the Medium who has to tune in, like tuning in a radio to the right station, some times it is clear, other times there is a little static, sometimes all static. The Medium must tune into each Spirit that you have with you, and sometimes they just can't find the right station! It doesn't mean they are not with you, it means that the Medium can't pick up on them. It takes a lot of work and energy on the Mediums end to tune into each Spirit, but just know that they are all with you, and do want to come through. If you have any questions please feel free to ask or if you would like to share your experiences, please do, I would love to chat about it! xx
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